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Feel like the only parent out there doing things “differently”? You’re not! As a member of the Holistic Moms Network, you will meet others, in real life and online, who share a passion for natural living. Our organization recognizes the amazing power of community and connection. We are a member-based organization and rely on your generous membership donations to support our volunteer community organizers as they form, and grow, their local communities, and to support our efforts to spread awareness to holistic living.
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Why Become a Contributing Member?

The Holistic Moms Network is a grassroots, community-building organization. Your membership donation helps HMN to remain sustainable, and to grow and evolve. HMN offers parents the opportunity to connect, create supportive communities, and to help parents and others learn about holistic health and green living. Our National organization serves as an umbrella for our Chapters, with our focus on building and sustaining successful communities across the United States.

Your contribution supports:

· Our volunteer community organizers and local chapters with outreach, gathering space rentals, and supplies such as postage and printing.
· Maintenance and development of our National website, as well as all of our Chapter websites, so you can find support and events near you.
· Creation and maintenance of all of our National and Chapter Facebook groups and email loops to better connect our members.
· Expanding our online offerings and developing new resources for our members and for the natural-minded community.
· Employment opportunities for the administrative staff of HMN.
· Necessary expenses to maintain our 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

Your membership helps us build connections and empower parents across the country so that they can make informed choices about their health and well-being, and about the future of our planet. By joining our voices together under the HMN National organization, we can unite our passions and become a powerful advocate for information, education, change, and support.

Membership Benefits

With your member donation to the Holistic Moms Network community, you can enjoy a variety of benefits in addition to knowing that your contribution supports thousands of parents on their holistic journeys! Your membership donation gifts you back:

  • Community Membership
  • Local Chapter Participation
  • Participation in our HMN National Facebook Group
  • Free Access to a 40 video eCourse: Homeopathic Healing Solutions
  • 15% Discount on Supplement Orders from Fullscript
  • Individual Explorer membership to KnoWEwell
  • Free Custom Birthday Party Label Pack from Mabel’s Labels
  • Being Part of a Movement!

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Moms In Need Scholarship

It is our desire that every family who wishes to belong to our community is able to do so. That is why we established the Moms in Need Scholarship Program. We are grateful to be able to offer memberships to parents who would like to become – or continue to be – members but are unable to do so because of financial hardship.

Our Moms in Need Scholarship Program is designed to help those who are facing difficult financial situations including but not limited to those who are single parents, temporarily unemployed, or receiving state or federal aid.

Moms in Need memberships are awarded on the basis of financial need and are funded through generous donations from individuals, sponsors, and other donors. All application information provided will be kept confidential.

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About Our Local Chapters

Get Connected! Find a local Holistic Moms Network Chapter in your area to connect with other holistic parents! Every local chapter of the Holistic Moms Network holds monthly gatherings to bring like-minded parents together to discuss issues of interest, and connect.

Many chapters welcome local professionals as guest speakers and may offer additional activities, such as playgroups, moms nights out, book clubs, or organic food buying co-operatives. We encourage our members to become actively involved in their chapters to help build their communities and help them thrive. Click on your state to locate a community near you. Even if no local chapter exists, you can become a member of our growing national community and take advantage of our benefits of membership. You may also consider starting your own community. HMN works with moms of all backgrounds and skills to help build your chapter. Even if you have no experience in volunteer organizations, we are here to help every step of the way. Find Your Chapter >>>

Become a Community Organizer

Are you a natural organizer? Want to share your passion for holistic living with others? Consider starting a new HMN Chapter or become a Chapter Community Organizer for an existing group!

Chapter community organizers communicate with our national organization, coordinate chapter volunteers in organizing monthly gatherings and events, and help support our local HMN Chapter communities. Our community organizers are passionate, dedicated, and committed to fostering a community of parents who are interested in real life connections with like minded people.

To learn details about starting and leading a new HMN Chapter in your area, check out our Start A Chapter page. If you are already a member of an existing chapter and would like to apply to become an organizer of that chapter, please contact and request a Community Organizer Application.

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Start a Chapter

Looking to connect with other holistic moms but no Chapter exists near you? Joining the Holistic Moms Network connects you with thousands of other women who support our mission to encourage and promote holistic living, who encourage each other, educate one another, and learn from one another through our online communities. If you are interested in a local chapter, consider starting a chapter in your neighborhood and connect locally with other holistic moms!!

Building a new community takes energy, passion, dedication, and commitment. HMN looks for volunteers who possess these virtues, as well as leadership and organizational skills. Not everyone qualifies to be a community organizer but those that do find it rewarding and satisfying. We are looking for a select few community organizers who are willing to bring change and support to their area! If you feel you are a good candidate, read our New Chapter FAQs >>>