The new year brings thoughts of goals and and visions for the coming months as well as a reflection on what has past. Spending time thoughtfully checking in with yourself, understanding where you are, what you want and setting intentions for the year can be a powerful step towards manifesting those goals into reality. Making a vision board enables you to visualize those goals and by placing it in a prominent spot that you see everyday can help inspire you to take continual small steps resulting in big changes over time!


You can use a vision board to focus on just one area of your life, the bigger picture, or specific long or short term goals. Get started by thinking about your last year and what you might want to change. Consider your yourself, your work, family, and friends and jot down some thoughts and goals. If you like to follow through a more structured process, consider doing a personal year in review in preparation for making your vision board. Ask yourself a round of questions considering all areas of your life such as your family, friends and work. For each area ask yourself to consider the good and bad from last year as well as your goals for the coming year and write it all down.  Here are some suggested questions to get you started:


  • What went well this year? What were my biggest accomplishments? Why were these things important to me?
  • What could I do better? What was disappointing? What did I learn and how can I use this knowledge next year?
  • What do I want to focus on this year? What is my word or theme for the year? What are my top 3-5 goals for the next year?


Once you have your thoughts down, grab your materials and get started creating the visual representation of your goals and dreams!


Materials needed:
-At least an 8.5X11 board, canvas, or other thick cardstock (can even be a pin board)
-Any magazines, flyers, other media (that you can cut out) with pictures or words
-3X5 note cards (best if colorful) for quotes or sayings – you can also write directly on your board
-Glue or tape (or pins if using a pin board)
-Colorful pens, markers, highlighters, paints etc.
-A willingness to be inspired!




Find inspirational photos, quotes and words from your magazines and cut them out. Using a large sheet of cardstock or poster board arrange your images and words to reflect your vision of what you want to do, how you want to be, and what you would like to have more of in your life. Tape, glue or pin in place.  Add drawings, paintings or other items to complete your vision. When your vision board is finished, a key step is finding a spot to place your vision board that you will see daily, perhaps the inside of a closet door, medicine cabinet, above your desk or on your refrigerator.


Enjoy being inspired each time you see the board and see how reflecting on the visual goals for your life help you make steps towards them!