Tell us about your family:
We are a family of 5. I have 3 girls aged 11, 6, and 19 months. My husband and I are high school sweethearts rekindled and have been married for 7.5 yrs. We have a greyhound lab mix named Roxy. I’ve been co-leading actively for about a year and change although I was searching for a colead for quite a while.

How long have you been a co-leader of HMN?
I have been a co-leader for the Atlanta, GA Chapter since February of 2018.

What brought you to HMN?
I came across HMN through doing Facebook searches for holistic-minded “crunchy mom” Facebook groups in the Atlanta area when I was living in Virginia planning to move. There was not a chapter here yet, and when I moved to the area the opportunity presented itself. I was in search of a holistic mom tribe, a band of like-minded women since I was moving to a brand new place with no friends or family.

My holistic passions are...
My holistic passions vary widely but are mostly tied to motherhood. I believe in holistic, natural pregnancy, birth, and child-rearing. I’m passionate about breastfeeding, babywearing, herbal remedies, mind/body/spirit balance, naturopathic holistic health, and the environment. I also have a special interest/experience with pediatric mental health and alternative methods of healing and management.

I'm a chapter co-leader because...
I’d like to bring and help cultivate a holistic-minded group in our area. It is missing here!
Two favorite recipes from Gabriela:
Many around here know I make elderberry syrup and fire cider/master tonic. It brings me joy to share these remedies with friends and family. For my elderberry syrup, I use the Wellness Mama recipe as my base. I have occasionally added lemon, or echinacea and plan to experiment more with orange peels, or rose hips. I always incorporate local honey unless I use organic raw maple to make it vegan or baby-friendly.

My master tonic includes equal parts raw/organic: ginger, turmeric, horseradish, onion, garlic, and jalapeño/ cayenne/ habanero (or other local HOT pepper). I add the juice of 1-2 fresh lemons, and several tablespoons of black peppercorn. I mix and put it in a large jar and top with organic apple cider vinegar. I shake weekly and it is ready for straining and honey in 4-6 weeks being stored in a cool, dark place. ****Don’t forget to use gloves !!!! Everything is HOT and can burn your hands and turmeric WILL stain! Also, it’s easy to make a HUGE portion of this by accident. Start small. (1/8c - 1/4c ea part)

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