by Dr. Richard Schulze

Natural Healing is a style of healing in which you assist your body to increase its powerful self-healing ability. This is done by creating a lifestyle where you: Eliminate those things that create disease and increase those things that create powerful health. When your body is healthy and strong, it can and will heal any disease, and repair and rebuild itself.
Your body is a self-healing machine. This is easily seen with a cut. You cut your skin and you bleed. Your blood eventually clots and you form a scab. Your tissue and skin then starts re-growing. Eventually, the scab falls off and you are miraculously healed! Even though we take this basic healing function for granted, no medical doctor and no hospital can ever do this for you.

On a microscopic level, your body may be invaded and infected by foreign pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. Your body has numerous organs, systems, and blood cells to take care of any unwanted visitors. You have white blood cells like macrophages and certain T cells that work to kill the invader immediately, and immune chemicals like interleukin and interferon that help speed up these cells. Other cells create chemical poisons to kill off the invaders in the same way your B cells use immunoglobulin to create specific antibodies that attack foreign pathogens.

Without a doubt, our bodies are amazing repair machines ready to take on any illness or disease. But eventually, because of genetics, lifestyle and just plain aging, your body may not be up to the task of healing or repairing you. This is usually when a person seeks out outside help, usually from a medical doctor.

A medical doctor’s approach is to take on the healing themselves, fighting and killing the disease with a barrage of chemical drugs and often getting the body functioning again by performing surgical procedures. This form of healing can work but can be very dangerous. Medical intervention is so harsh and extreme it often hurts other organs and causes other diseases. It can also leave you with irreversible surgical impairment when it involves your organs being altered or removed. It is the best form of healing for those people who absolutely will not take any responsibility for their health and refuse to make any healthy lifestyle modifications.

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