a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

May is a month when moms are celebrated. At HMN we celebrate moms every day of the year! Join us as we strive to be that space full of mamas and families who are...

open to learning and

sharing knowledge,

who are accepting of others’ wisdom,

who understand the immense benefit of belonging to something you are invested in,

to building a village that is a safe space, a respite from the division,
a comforting space of understanding.

We welcome you wherever you are on your journey. We invite you to join our nonprofit organization as a supporting community member…

to be a part of the space we provide for intentional holistic community

to share a piece of yourself with a supportive village of families

to give what you can, and receive it back and more

to learn and grow...

As our organization heads toward celebrating our 18th birthday in October, we reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re heading. There has been the ebb and flow, the calm and storm, the laughter and tears, the respectful debates and relief of finding those that can echo your perspective. The desire to provide non-judgmental space for all of those on different paths, but the same journey of holistic living, has always been at the forefront of our mission. As our founder Nancy said in this past blog post, “In essence, we take a holistic approach to community itself: we recognize that our journeys and our very community are interconnected and can only be understood when we look at the whole world of options, both conventional and holistic. We are the Holistic Moms Network because of this foundational commitment, not because our members choose one particular path but that we find a natural shared ground of holism.”

The past 12+ months have challenged that. It’s been difficult, with divisiveness and polarization so prevalent. But we continue steadfastly on our path of facilitating and creating this safe space because we know that it is needed; we know that it is relevant; we know that we need space to lay down our battles, and our screens, to come together in our commonality. Free yourself from the constant battles many of us have been fighting outwardly and inwardly. Set it aside to come together with your HMN village.

Getting together and going for a walk in nature, making a meal for another mom, learning about fermenting, gut health, homeopathy, babywearing, reducing stress and screens, seeing your kids laugh together, building meaningful connections in a space intentionally created for respectful, non-judgmental community is essential for our bodies, our minds, our souls.

We’ve never been a single issue group. We come together as families that understand how important holistic living is, understand that we each make informed and educated parenting decisions, that we seek respectful and nurturing relationships with others, that we balance and integrate the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being. These are all affected by how we intentionally allow ourselves to be open to hearing others’ journeys, to lifting each other up, to continually understanding that we are all not that different from one another, that by showing kindness to one another, by putting time into strengthening our village, we are teaching our children to value these same things.

We are grateful to all that have been a part of our journey as an organization, and we would be so grateful if you will continue on, or join us, as a member or donor. Let’s continue to demonstrate that fostering and building holistic-minded, respectful community matters.

Founded as a nonprofit by holistic mamas in 2003. 17.5+ years old. 300+ local community chapters created. Hundreds of volunteers. Thousands of families, practitioners, and holistic living advocates. We are grateful.