Become a Local HMN Sponsor

“In my heart holistic living is the items we surround ourselves with, the foods we eat and the type of healthcare we believe in. It is also the way we support our fellow sisters. Holistic Moms Network members have been a tremendous support to me and my business. I feel blessed to be a part of such a purposeful group of women.”    -Debbie, HMN Local Sponsor

Support local HMN communities, align with Holistic Moms, and share our mission of empowering parents through local communities.

Through our Local Sponsorship Program HMN:

  • Partners with like-minded, holistic businesses and practitioners who share our mission to generate national awareness, education, and support for holistic parenting and green living;
  • Connects our members with supporters by acknowledging local Sponsors and donors on our Chapter website pages.

Who may be an HMN Sponsor?

We welcome a variety of sponsors who share our passion for holistic living.  The products and/or services of our sponsors must reflect our ideals for holistic living and natural parenting, although we respect that our members will be interested in a wide range of products and services. We encourage sponsors from many industries to connect with our organization and members. An example of such industries may include:

  • Natural and organic food producers and distributors
  • Manufacturers of organic clothing, linens, and other products
  • Holistic, integrative healthcare practitioners
  • Midwives, doulas, lactation consultants
  • Retailers of natural, non-toxic home products
  • Retailers of maternity and breastfeeding clothing and supplies
  • Companies selling eco-living and sustainable products

Sponsors that do not reflect our mission and purpose will not be accepted.  Sponsorship does not confer exclusivity within a specific genre, profession, or product line and, as with any promotional opportunity, HMN cannot guarantee that new business will result. The Holistic Moms Network reserves the right to reject any sponsor who is not aligned with our purpose.

Sponsors and their services or products are not endorsed by HMN but are offered as a potential resources for members to explore.  We encourage all parents to become informed about the safety and environmental impact of product ingredients, the integrity of workplace practices, and a company’s commitment to sustainability before choosing to use a particular product or service.