Motherhood is the most fulfilling (and frustrating) endeavor ever. Mixed amongst the never-ending jobs of nurturing and protecting our kids are moments of sheer bliss and joy. The milk drunk look on a sleeping baby’s face; the huge grin of accomplishment when a child learns to tie their shoes; the pride in watching a young adult walk across the stage to receive a diploma. The frustration part happens mostly when we’re deep in the trenches – late nights of little to no sleep, trying to build and maintain a routine (invariably changing with each new stage of growth), and trying to do it all (all the time).

Every mom needs support and encouragement. Some of us are lucky enough to have family and close friends nearby to help when the going gets tough. But for those of us without people to lend a hand, or who are looking for those that ‘get’ them, we need to build a community of like-minded people to be there when we need help. The Holistic Moms Network is here for you, so that the ‘doing it all’ part isn’t something you have to do alone.

This blog has been on hiatus for a couple of years while we’ve been going through some growth ourselves. But, we’re back, and excited to be adding new content. The Holistic Moms Network’s purpose is to connect parents and create supportive communities, both in person, through local chapters, and online; to help parents and others to learn about holistic and green living.

For the first few months, we’ll be profiling members who are excited to share their experiences being a part of the Holistic Moms Network.

If you would like to share your story, please email