The Holistic Moms Network is first and foremost a community for parents to network and to find other like-minded moms and dads with whom they can share information, resources, and friendship. We welcome all holistic parents who are also practitioners into our community and hope that they will share in the many benefits that HMN has to offer.

We do not, however, allow for direct marketing to our members either through our email loops, Facebook groups, phone calls, websites, or mailing lists. We encourage all health care providers who join our organization as members to introduce themselves on their chapter Facebook group or email loop both as parents and professionals. However, we do not allow regular advertising on the members-only email loop or on the HMN National Facebook group and reserve the right to remove any member who violates this policy. Sharing news of a local free lecture or event of another non-profit organization or community activity or event is generally fine, but posting about your business’s sales/specials, your events requiring a fee, or “free talks” which promote a for profit business, will result in members being warned and then removed from our communities.

One of the great things about our organization and communities is the advice, suggestions and resources we all share with one another. This is a beautiful thing and part of the strength of our group.

Keeping it simple: Using the chapter groups, email loops, Facebook groups, or chapter meetings as a marketing tool to promote your for profit business is solicitation.

A big reason why we take this stand on Solicitation is to prevent our group from becoming a mass marketing campaign. There are other groups out there who were started for this purpose – to look like an education/support group but whose intention is really to promote a specific business or practice. HMN is not that. We were started by moms for support and community and we continue to be authentically run by moms without another agenda. Our non-solicitation policy is about the integrity of our community and not compromising it for anyone else’s gain.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at