Why should I become a member?

There are many benefits to joining our organization! First and foremost, you become part of a national community of holistic parents. You can connect with like-minded parents on our members Facebook page, meet in-real-life moms in your area through a local chapter, and share your wisdom with others! Your membership will also help us to fulfill our purpose of building awareness and education about holistic parenting. We support parents through local Chapters and our National community, which strives to help build a more sustainable future. If a local Chapter exists in your area, you will also be able to affiliate with the local chapter and participate in all of their activities including monthly gatherings and any other member events or clubs.

Is HMN just for new moms? What about dads?

No, we are not just a group for new moms. We welcome dads to join us at all of our gatherings, playgroups, and other activities. We have a growing number of dads who attend our gatherings regularly and are very active in our community. Although many of our members are new moms, we also have expectant moms, future moms, grandparents, aunts, uncles, caregivers and holistic practitioners as members. Our members range considerably in age and quite a few are parents to teenagers and adult children. We welcome people of all ages who share a common interest in holistic health and green living to join our organization. Dads and partners may join Holistic Moms individually or as part of our Family Membership. Children are always welcome to HMN Chapter gatherings and there is no fee for your child to participate in regular gatherings.

I try to eat healthy and I breastfeed my kids, but I don’t know if I’m “holistic enough”! Is the Holistic Moms Network right for me?

There is no litmus test for “holistic” and certainly no requirement or set of principles you need to abide by! Our group is made up of moms (and dads) who span the range of “holistic”. If you have an interest in natural health and non-toxic living, you will certainly find like-minded moms within our group! Not all of our moms share the same beliefs or practices. Some share sleep with their children, others don’t. Some choose to vaccinate, others don’t. Most of us try to eat healthy but we all have our weaknesses! The one thing we do advocate is informed and educated decisions when it comes to health and parenting. So join us for a gathering, come chat with other members and discover our community. We’re sure you’ll find it both diverse and inviting!

What can I expect when I attend a chapter gathering?

Each HMN chapter meets at least once per month for a Monthly Gathering. These gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to meet other holistic parents, connect with your community, and to learn from others. Each Monthly Gathering is organized around a specific topic which may be used as a basis for discussion among the group or may be introduced by a guest speaker. Many chapters welcome local holistic professionals such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, or yoga teachers to come in and speak about their professions. You will also have an opportunity to meet your Community Organizers, learn more about the Holistic Moms Network, and become a member! Many chapters also offer additional activities, such as playgroups, book clubs, buying co-ops, and lending libraries.

Are children welcome at gatherings?

As many of our parents practice attachment parenting, we like to honor their parenting styles and be as accommodating as possible. We always welcome nursing babies and toddlers at all of our gatherings (and we encourage breastfeeding at all events!). Because we often have guest speakers and need to provide an environment that allows for everyone to hear and be heard, we encourage people who want to bring older children, to bring books or toys to keep them occupied, and instruct them to be calm and respectful of the guest. If you are unsure about whether or not to bring children to an event, check with one of your chapter community organizers to make sure.

How do I become a member of the Holistic Moms Network? Where does my membership fee go?

Membership in our community is just $30 per year. You can join easily online by clicking the 'Join/Renew' button at the top of our site. If you are unable to join online or if you would like us to mail you a copy of our membership brochure, please email us your name and address at membership@holisticmoms.org or give us a call at 1-877-HOL-MOMS. Membership in our organization brings many benefits. In addition to becoming part of our community on both national and local levels, your membership helps to support the mission of the Holistic Moms Network and allows us to reach out to other parents across the country by providing support, resources, and education. Your membership fee helps us to build new Chapters, develop educational resources for parents, and protect holistic living choices through advocacy and support. As a non-profit organization, our membership fees are used to fulfill our mission and purpose and to support our Chapters. Join us and help make a difference!