At the Holistic Moms Network there is no litmus test for how “green” or “healthy” you are. We are not about a single issue or one path to living healthier. We welcome everyone wherever they are on their journey and support each other on our quest to make positive changes.

National Community.

HMN offers local support and a national community. We help connect people in their own neighborhoods, but reach further through our online communities and programs to help build a greener, healthier future for all.


Holistic Moms was started by moms and these moms still run our growing National community and local Chapters. HMN was not created to solicit to anyone, but to support all parents.


Our national organization provides ongoing support and resources to all our members, our chapters, and our community organizers. We strive to build long-lasting connections and communities, to build relationships, and to help parents on every stage of their journey.


The Holistic Moms Network was established 15 years ago and has grown to include the support and guidance of an established advisory board, dedicated green and natural parenting experts, and a sponsorship community of companies and organizations who share our passion for natural health and holistic living. Each is personally reviewed and chosen from a very select number of professionals, companies, and organizations who share our values and mission. Members know, with confidence, that their personal information will never be shared or sold, and that they will not be added to any marketing lists for products or sales pitches.


Our network is filled with amazing resources for all of our members. From great articles and recipes through our partners, to our members-only Facebook group, we offer parents many ways to learn and connect. Most of all, we learn from the wisdom of one another, sharing our experiences, knowledge, and passion across the country through powerful in-real-life communities.


As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, HMN serves our community with accountability. Our commitment to our mission and purpose shows through everything that we do.