Setting monthly intentions can bring numerous benefits to your life. They can help you focus and prioritize your goals, allowing you to channel your energy towards meaningful pursuits and helping you gain clarity about what you want to achieve. They promote self-awareness and personal growth, as you regularly reflect on your aspirations and values. Additionally, setting intentions encourages mindfulness and presence, enabling you to live with purpose and make conscious choices. Ultimately, monthly intentions empower you to lead a more intentional, fulfilling, and purpose-driven life, all things those of us drawn towards more holistic living are striving for.

Perhaps you set a daily or monthly intention already, use personal mantra or other techniques to hone your focus. If you are looking for some fresh inspiration or are not sure where to start, Holistic Moms Network has tried to pick one area of focus for each month of the year. Join us at any time and try setting an intention for the month and see where it takes you!


January: Buy Nothing (Extra)

Let January be the month you get creative and consider what is truly essential vs what is a need and try not to buy anything extra. Find free family activities, join a local swap group online and reuse something you have to make something you need. There are many ways to be more intentional about our consumption and to save resources and money in the process!


February: Create, Make, DIY

This February learn something new and create! Its OK if you don’t think of yourself as crafty, a DIY can be a piece of art but it can also be a homemade cleaner or an herbal remedy.  Talk with your HMN chapter about something they have wanted to try to DIY and do it together!  Being creative and making something yourself can lower stress, save you money and give you a sense of satisfaction. What will you make this month?



March: Spring Clean & Declutter

As the temperature warms many of us think about opening up the windows to bring in fresh air and cleaning our homes.  Set the intention for April to clean in a way that is meaningful to you! Maybe what you really need is not a deep clean of your carpets but to sort thru the closets. Purge some still good but unneeded items and host a swap with HMN families to encourage everyone to reduce clutter and consume less.  Set up a realistic cleaning schedule that you can keep, pick one task a day or a specific day of the week for different chores like laundry or vacuuming.   Find a way that kids can chip in and help and make it fun! We love a speed clean to fun music, pick a long song and everyone tidy up a room while it plays, can you clean the room before the song ends?



April : Volunteer

Each year in April is National Volunteer Week. Set the intention to give some of your time and talent to a cause you feel strongly about. Everyone has something of value to share and all of us can make a difference. Consider volunteering to support your HMN chapter as a community organizer or by taking on smaller tasks like helping to find speakers, sharing on SM or hosting a playgroup!



May: Intentional Screen and Device Use for Your Family

Each May we celebrate Screen Free week and HMN is focusing on intentional use of screens and devices throughout the month of May.

If you have been thinking about going screen free, or being more intentional about screen and device use in your household, this is the place to support and encourage one another. Throughout the month of May, if you find info or attend an event related to connecting in person, share with your chapter and friends. If you aren’t participating in Screen Free Week this year, but have in the past, share your supportive ideas and alternatives to using screens.



June: Get Outdoors

June is a great month to renew your family’s intention to spend more time outside, and more time in nature! Throughout the month of June, we invite you to share resources and inspiration to encourage others to Get Outdoors! Camping, hiking, picnics, backyard play, no event is too big or too small to share with our members. Even if rain tries to stop you, remember this: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” – Alfred Wainwright



July: Journaling

The “lazy” days of summer are here! As busy parents, summer can feel anything *but* lazy. Let’s set an intention for this month to spend time with pen (or pencil or marker) to paper. Reflect, show gratitude, bullet journal, whatever works for you!



August: Healthy Lunch Ideas

Nutritious meals keep us healthy, but they can also become a chore. This month,  share ideas for refreshing your family’s lunch routine. Whether you’re getting ready for back to school, homeschooling, prepping lunches for you and your family, or all of the above, lets think about and discuss nutritious meals and how to fit them into your family’s routine.



September: Mindfulnesss

Taking the time to cultivate a mindfulness practice can be challenging but has so many benefits. This month try to incorporate a daily act of mindfulness, helping to ground yourself in the present. You could meditate, try some yoga or breathing exercises, try writing and saying a personal mantra, or even just focus on unplugging to take a walk or have a break from media.  The goal is to think about small things that can help bring you back to the present and be more mindful in your life. Share with your chapter and friends what works well for you!



October: Embracing Connections

In October our intention is to focus on our connections with others. We want to reach out and schedule some quality time with others to help deepen relationships and build community. Be authentic and open, reconnect with an old friend or reach out to an acquaintance to help create a deeper connection. This is a great month to spend some time with your HMN chapter if you had a busy summer and disconnected a bit. Why not host a playdate or suggest a moms night out or just make a point to attend your monthly gathering and reconnect with others in your like minded community!



November: Creating Gratitude

In November set an intention to be more grateful, to enjoy the little things and share your appreciation with others. Try a daily gratitude practice of journaling or sharing something you are grateful for that day. Bring your family into the habit of expressing gratitude by creating a gratitude jar or tree together, adding to it daily over the month.



December: Connecting with What Matters

December can be a whirlwind, this month set an intention to focus on what truly matters to you and let go of some of the bustle and expectations of the season. Setting a family mission statement can help everyone in your home get on the same page to be more authentic in how you want to spend your time and enable you to really find joy in the season however you choose to celebrate.