Each year, the Holistic Moms Network celebrates Screen Free Week with CCFC. We are recognizing the need to reduce screen time, even if for short intervals, by offering resources to inspire and inform families. Click on the images below to find out more.

Steps to get your family ‘ready’ for a screen-free week. (resource from www.screenfree.org)

Answers to questions about going screen-free. (resource from www.screenfree.org)

Getting outside is important for our mental and physical health. (resource from www.screenfree.org)

Enjoy this list of books any time of the year as a reminder that kids of all ages benefit from time to play, be bored, get outside, connect with family and friends, and, of course, read. (resource from www.screenfree.org)

Ideas for screen-free activities at home, outdoors, and around town. (resource from www.screenfree.org)

Making a fort is a fun way to create a cozy space for imaginative play. Get different fort-making ideas here! (resource from www.screenfree.org)

More screen-free activities, broken down by age, for your child. (resource from www.ahaparenting.com)

How screens can affect toddlers and preschoolers. (resource from www.ahaparenting.com)

Ways to build a healthy relationship between you, your child, and their first cell phone. (resource from www.ahaparenting.com)