Kathy Zamora and son

Kathy Zamora, 41, is mom to a 3-year-old son, and wife to David. She has been a member of the Essex County, New Jersey chapter of HMN for 3 years. She first heard about HMN at a Naam Yoga studio in Manhattan, NY. As the studio manager, she was introduced by the directors of the yoga studio. She didn’t join HMN then, but when she was practicing pre-natal yoga, she was reminded and decided to join.

With no family close by she felt as though she wanted to be part of a community of moms. As a “later in life” mom, she knew she could ask questions without feeling insecure, and she would be included and not isolated.

Kathy says, “I didn’t have a particular “Ahha! This is the place!” experience with HMN. Instead, it has been a gradual series of small confirming events, conversations – connections – that affirm my belonging. Imagine an ice cube fresh from the deep freeze; hardened, a bit cold. Then it is put into a sun-warmed lake, and it melts and rejoins with the larger body. That has been my experience with HMN. Joining, participating, serving, connecting – for me HMN has been and continues to be the feeling of coming home.

I have been able to rest my weary head.
I’ve been able to sob with my friends.
I’ve been able to partake in the wisdom of others.
I’ve been able to share my knowledge and my hugs.
I’ve been able to grow and watch other amazing women grow.
I’ve seen my son cherished and free.
I’ve seen my husband welcomed.
It has been a singular experience. HMN enables me to tap into greater joy and abundance for my family.”

She has planned events for her chapter, including a field trip to a local zoo. She also says there is “great organization in our chapter!”

Overall, when asked about what she’s working on in her life now, her first answer was “patience!” She also was excited to share about another project. Kathy said, “Professionally, I am facilitating Appreciative Inquiry workshops for the Design Dream Lab (https://www.designdreamlab.org/).  They are a nonprofit focused on building connection with heart and bringing joy. It’s been exciting and uplifting to lead Dreamers through an inquiry into Exploration to find their collective positive core and reflect on how we can bring more of what we love about exploration into our daily lives. I love leading groups through the Appreciative Inquiry process because we look at our strengths and what is life-giving to us, then as a collective group dream our desired future and boldly plan to achieve it.”

A few ways Kathy’s family incorporates holistic living in their lives is by finding local food sources, including living food/fermented/probiotic foods, re-using clothing and toys, and incorporating natural immune support like ginger, elderberry, and more.